Full of Texture! 9 types of Procreate Brush for Portrait

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It is normal for the force to be light even with a little pressure. When the Apple Pencil connection is unstable or if it is not a genuine pencil, it can cause issues with pressure sensitivity. Make sure that the Apple Pencil is genuine. & If the issue persists, you may need to contact A/S for assistance.

Option 1 Portrait Brushes (9 brushes)

9 types of brushes for texture portrait

  1. 4 types of main textured brushes
  2. 2 type of eyebrow brushes
  3. 1 glow in pupil
  4. Each 1 for watercolor/oil painting brush

Option 2 Portrait Brushes + Hair Brushes (13 brushes)

9 types of brushes for texture portrait

+ 4 types of texture hair brushes

  1. Bangs (wide base)
  2. Back hairs (wide base)
  3. Hair texture (thin)
  4. Baby hairs (thin)

If you purchased option 1 and want to exchange it for option 2, please send me an email: abte1637@naver.com

  • provides Brush Tutorial Video (19min)

[9 types of brushes for texture portrait]

1. Textured Drawing Brush

The texture of this brush is filled with a pencil-like-texture

And a sharp of both edges but a stable line 

When you don’t color it, you can use it as a pencil brush

2. Textured Coloring Brush

This brush is for coloring

It doesn’t leave lots of marks, so it blends well!

Even it leaves prettier texture

3. Dry Brush pen Eraser (for eraser)

* When using for eraser

Erased boundaries are little hard, so it prevents the image

When you use an eraser, you can erase for outer part naturally

* When using for paint brush

it is useful to describe fur

4. Textured Soft Air Brush (for smudge)

* When using for smudge

It’s soft but it has a texture inside, so even if you smudge it, it still leaves a certain texture

* When using for paint brush

You can use it as a soft paint brush

5. Eyebrow 1

You can draw eyelashes and eyebrows very sharply and easily

Even you just don’t draw well, you can still draw pretty lines

6. Eyebrow 2

you can get the result of touching twice with one touch

and you can even mix it with Eyebrow 1

7. Pupil Glow

stamp-type brush

You can use it as a bright color on additional layer

8. Rough Oil Brush

Try to add oiliness on the backgrounds and characters 

I didn’t make it too rough, so it’s easy to use

You can add rough attraction on your image

9. Textured Watercolor Brush

It’s very pretty watery watercolor brush

You can use it for a wide gradation

It is used when you want to color lightly or when you want to add a texture and watercolor feel to the character


[4 types of texture hair brushes]

I take out Hair Brush separately so that only those who need it can buy it.

It’s very useful to those who always mess up when you draw hairs.

1. Bangs (wide)

Hair texture is automatically expressed inside and at the end of the brush.

It begins thin but ends thick, so, it’s useful the ends of bangs or bobbed hair.

2. Back hairs (wide)

It is a big and thick texture brush, so it uses on a wide area like side and back hairs. 

3. Hair texture (thin)

You can express the small strands around the hair you drew 1st&2nd brushs.

4. Baby hair (thin)

So, it is perfect for very thin hair like whiskers, hairlines, or outer part of hairs.

The main color brushes bland smoothly once you paint it unlike other basic brushes leave marks and need to be cleaned. 

enjoy drawing texture portrait easier.


  1. Commercial License: You can use a brush for commercial purpose. 
  2. No copy, share, or resale of brushes are prohibited. Legal action without further notice.


  1. Can I use brushes in Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint? No, they are only available in iPad Procreate App.
  2. How about the recommended canvas size? I recommend width 2,000~3000 pixels 
  3. How to use them darker/lighter? Let me know you how to adjust brush.
  4. Can I take a class 101 using these brushes? Using brushes is very similar. There is no problem to take it. But it would be better if you learn the brush used in the class.
  5. Can I upload my image I drew after watching the tutorial video? Of course!
  6. Can I draw the image using the brushes for commercial purpose? Of course
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*provides video tutorial (19min)

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Full of Texture! 9 types of Procreate Brush for Portrait

118 ratings
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